gthumb 2.12.2

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.12.2
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: 417b6db4b326d6afc9ca5976e3ac1b6da2d568f48ade21ec0724458b79e07412
      size: 6.6M
 sha256sum: bce8111e4d699620ae0399963798ff25929df8c8546f4949e2a871b330277091
      size: 5.0M


version 2.12.2

        Bugs fixed:

        * Correctly activate the default extensions when started the first
          time. (#635475)
        * Enable building with exiv2-0.21 (Alexandre Rostovtsev) (#349150)
	* Launch a single instance of Gimp when opening many files at once. (#637234)
        * Fixed folder renaming. (#635417)
        * Fixed search in catalogs not ginving any result. (#638009)
        * Fixed crash on thumbnail generation.
        * Web Albums: update the file info when scaling the original image. (#637920)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio)
        * Deutsch (Mario Blättermann)
        * Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)
        * Russian (Yuri Myasoedov)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * German (Mario Blättermann)

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