aravis 0.1.3

       Module: aravis
      Version: 0.1.3
  Uploaded by: Emmanuel Pacaud
 sha256sum: 7024890983a45f2dcff27ae4d543c5987b20f25c176777cc6d5d5acd4c65cf08
      size: 524K
 sha256sum: e8b6f5949c9c8c142272836a5ac831f3041c163edac2214193034a86c863de19
      size: 416K


Release 0.1.3

  * Simple viewer based on ArvCamera API (requires gtk and gstreamer)
  * Add a "new-buffer" signal to ArvStream
  * Fix stream IP address setting for JAI Pulnix cameras (Tom Cobb)
  * Fix use or Aravis from a C++ application (Tom Cobb)
  * Fix division of integers in ArvEvaluator when asked for float result (Tom Cobb)
  * Add an API for retrieving the genicam data (Tom Cobb)
  * Fix minimum offset of ROI (Tom Cobb)
  * Fake camera can now simulate gain and exposure setting

Release 0.1.2

  * Add exposure and gain settings to the gstreamer source element
  * fix exposure setting in ArvCamera for Basler cameras
  * gather running statistics for the GV devices
  * fix GV stream fixed buffer size
  * add a new arv-show-devices utility
  * make API more consistent with the Genicam standard

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