gtk+ 2.99.1

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.99.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: 328994ec01d23b1c447de4531a4a0a55038e6d594ffc8d18e9fbf7b4dc58fc31
      size: 25M
 sha256sum: 74d087981059a3271ed7839dd54d3155ac568e5e4abac8ef4022e4a4a3a7e752
      size: 17M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.99.1 to 2.99.2

* More widgets are using GtkStyleContext directly:
  GtkColorButton, GtkColorSelection, GtkHSV,
  GtkFontSelection, GtkPrintUnixDialog, GtkImage,
  GtkLayout, GtkViewport, GtkTextDisplay, GtkTextUtil,

* GtkBuilder support has been added for setting menus
  on GtkMenuToolButtons and for adding tags to
  GtkTextTagTable as well as adding items to

* Bug fixes:
 350618 start rubber banding on "white space"
 612918 Support disabling X11 extensions
 635687 problem with pygtk or gtk with gtk.Plug and gtk.Socket...
 638017 GtkTextView: Crash in gtk_text_view_set_tabs()
 638119 GtkSpinner animation not correctly stopped...
 638880 Need a setter for has_user_ref_count
 639030 Small cleanup in gailtextview code.
 639047 Fix remaining usage of g[dk]ktargetlib.
 639079 Obtain the fg color from the renderer
 639105 Port GtkTextDisplay to StyleContext.
 639106 New CSS style misses distinction between "selected focused"...
 639127 Misc Win32 GDK building problems
 639157 GtkOrientable should add/ remove "horizontal" and "vertical"...

* Translation updates:
 British English

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