pyatspi 1.91.5

       Module: pyatspi
      Version: 1.91.5
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: 017bf0aa2271e6c252afddb581f83b3faf1dfb4273bb77426fc5b6894bdd0c25
      size: 396K
 sha256sum: 7eeb9b6886299d92c18495fc68d81f6e1383bb96d25939ab7826b3e8e0a32b41
      size: 304K


What's new in pyatspi2 1.91.5:

* Fixed generateKeyboardEvent, description, and allModifiers.

* Added a dummy stateset.unref function for backwards compatibility.

* Added a pumpQueuedEvents stub.


* Hide children attribute since it is currently broken and caused a crash
  with Accerciser.

* Wrap event type so that sub-fields can be accessed.

What's new in pyatspi2 1.91.4:

* Added a dummy freeMatchRule function.

* Attribute fixes.

* __getitem__ now supports negative indices.

* Fixed some properties, relationToString, listInterfaces, various text

* Raise notImplementedError when querying unimplemented interfaces.

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