at-spi2-core 1.91.5

       Module: at-spi2-core
      Version: 1.91.5
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: b869aecc854c8c92d6adf5c436a22b3bcff2d88dcc3e5b36da35b2739dd7f2a1
      size: 584K
 sha256sum: ec0a56f499f7e82ec6a24acbb6c386bce04887b7fc4fd4a81d1eb500f928ef6d
      size: 460K


What's new in at-spi2-core 1.91.5:

* Fixed several memory leaks.

* Fixed some text methods, methods that return points or rectangles,
  image locale and description, atspi-accessible_get_description, and some
  table methods.

* Added a trailing colon for focus events.

* Set the error parameter for dbus errors rather than displaying a warning.

* Fixed the keystroke listener deregister method.

* The cache is now updated before raising an event, not after, so that event
  handlers that query for cached values will see the updated data.

* The registry daemon now returns an error when a caller requests a property
  that the desktop does not support.

* Added disposal of objects, and fixed several associated bugs.

* Added i18n.

* Fixed mouse events.

* Libatspi's documentation is now compiled with gtk-doc.

* Fixed building from a separate build directory.

What's new in at-spi2-core 1.91.4:

* use peer-to-peer connections when available.

* Fix uninitialized variable in get_index_in_parent.

* Add timeout, and support inspecting our own app.

* Add get_interfaces, and fetch interface and state set over the wire if needed.

* Avoid adding data for an accessible twice if it is referenced prior to an
  AddAccessible signal being received.

* Fix copying of any_data for an event.

* at-spi-registryd returns ChildCount as a variant, per the DBus spec.

* Hypertext, hyperlink, and table fixes.

* Several cache-related fixes.

* Change some error return values to match AT-SPI-CORBA behavior.

* Some attribute-related fixes.

* Renamed 'text' to 'content' in AtspiTextRange to match original IDL.

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