gnome-control-center 2.91.5

       Module: gnome-control-center
      Version: 2.91.5
  Uploaded by: Rodrigo Moya
 sha256sum: 3b29e994d9fbc2fd43a7ca8fcb8f5dde560377a3122c9a17b2f1a2b6a5952e77
      size: 6.4M
 sha256sum: e1229329066dabf51d00a587e92a90b0d1c8c0661f93249a98f24e88dd083d39
      size: 4.1M


Version 2.91.5 (2010-12-22)

- Fix 2 typos (Andre Klapper) (#637527)
- Require gnome-settings-daemon >= 2.91 (Rodrigo Moya)
- Bump libgnomekbd requirement (Rodrigo Moya)
- Adapt to new gnome-desktop API (Giovanni Campagna)

- Fix layout and spacing to match mockups (William Jon McCann)
- Use a switch for 24 hour time (William Jon McCann)
- Keep the time ticking while the dialog is up (William Jon McCann)
- Make dialog instant apply (William Jon McCann)
- Don't try to set timezone when initially loading model (William Jon McCann)

- Do not build with $DISABLE_DEPRECATED (Vincent Untz)
- Don't set update policy (Benjamin Otte)

- de (Mario Blättermann)
- es (Jorge Gonzalez)
- et (Ivar Smolin)
- gl (Fran Diéguez)
- he (Yaron Shahrabani)
- nb (Torstein Adolf Winterseth)
- pa (A S Alam)
- sl (Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)
- sv (Daniel Nylander)
- vi (Nguy�n Thái Ng�c Duy)


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