mousetweaks 2.91.5

       Module: mousetweaks
      Version: 2.91.5
  Uploaded by: Francesco Fumanti
 sha256sum: be194186735a476448382e401ac7a8f63239acaa6e6178c6d3dd1e3d7479e636
      size: 2.4M
 sha256sum: 2de94ccfccbeee853dcd9ffd1dda6da448fcb2900b17c2e8e1e29cc4ee2448aa
      size: 2.2M


Version 2.91.5

New and updated translations:

    [et] Ivar Smolin
    [pa] A S Alam
    [sv] Daniel Nylander
    [ug] Gheyret T. Kenji
    [vi] Nguy�n Thái Ng�c Duy

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