json-glib 0.12.2

       Module: json-glib
      Version: 0.12.2
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi

 sha256sum: c20c070db33036405ddc8c72193895d2b1bbd5ffe25238be237ff0529e6a1fbe
      size: 552K

 sha256sum: 89fa9b870dfe2d8b7b00210be76cdbb2d46a8d2cc77ca7cbe5d081bdf8cad780
      size: 424K


Overview of changes for 0.12.2
â?¢ Build fix on win32
â?¢ Implement support for bare values in JsonGenerator
â?¢ Do not require GLib 2.20 for the test suite
â?¢ Do not lose precision when serializing floating point values
â?¢ Improve introspection data

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