nautilus-actions 3.0.5

       Module: nautilus-actions
      Version: 3.0.5
  Uploaded by: Pierre Wieser
 sha256sum: fa1c59bd698672da5383f8132c210adcfa1a5977dae5952f3bbb4bb3e64fd014
      size: 8.5M
 sha256sum: 6c334cdd8c33e8f684b8512f2e7fb28ca12d00b607c80de4b4cf33532191c44e
      size: 7.8M


Version 3.0.5

	Release date 2011-01-01

	General modifications:

		- Nautilus-Actions is set as the "official" name of the application.

	Modifications in Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool:

		- Button arrows in I/O Providers Preferences tab are reset so that
		  the Up button has an upward arrow, and the Down button has a
		  downward arrow.
		- Browse buttons now use the 'gtk-find' stock icon instead of the
		  inappropriate 'gtk-find-and-replace'.
		- Update the NACT User's Manual to reflect last changes.

	Bug fixes:

		- Fix pathname breakdown for 'x-nautilus-desktop:///' URI.
		  Fix #638450 - Nautilus crashes when opening Trash or Network
		  reported by György Balló and Ionut Biru.
		- Fix #638461 - Stock icons are no more displayed in NACT.

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