pyatspi 1.91.90

       Module: pyatspi
      Version: 1.91.90
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: b473779f036d1ede68836d297284e4c5f080947b9e3af698c09cce1ae38b86f0
      size: 396K
 sha256sum: 17b27068c649f0b8025e7ca4ad9c3d58998f92cca745c6bf61d4cc2e97b0dcd3
      size: 304K


What's new in pyatspi2 1.91.90:

* Refactor EditableText so that text methods can be called from it.

* Make state accessible through pyatspi.constants.

* Fix selection interface.

* Fix for BGO#641869: Remove --enable-relocate option.

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