gtkmm 2.23.91

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.23.91
  Uploaded by: murrayc
 sha256sum: 7354c050244bfac6c7d81a959f639c2e4dfe64bbac8e90c00f2133016454a172
      size: 18M
 sha256sum: 1c026c0cf10eca4ead44031aa5bb8fe2f95324ca66b5cebf584344eb9b2a68a6
      size: 15M


2.23.91 (unstable):

* Button: undeprecated the clicked() method.
  Thanks to Aurimas Ä?ernius.
* ComboBox: Deprecate clear_items() in favour of remove_all().
* ComboEntryText: Add append(), prepend() and insert(), deprecating 
  append_text(), prepend_text() and insert_text().
* Image:
  - Added const-correct constructor and a const-correct 
  set(IconSet, size) method, deprecating the existing ones.
  - Added get_pixel(), deprecating get_mem().
* Range: Added get/set_round_digits() and property.
  (Murray Cumming)

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