evolution-groupwise 3.3.3

About evolution-groupwise

GroupWise connector for evolution


Bug Fixes:
	Bug #656273 - Groupwise addressbook doesn't work (Vibha Yadav)
	Bug #664572 - Change e_cal_backend_notify_component* to use ECalComponent (Milan Crha)
	Bug #651453 - Missing groupwise features (Vibha Yadav)

Miscellaneous Fixes:
	Adapt to Evolution API changes. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove deprecated e-mail-store header file (Vibha Yadav)
	Adapt to Evolution API changes. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove almost all *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_FLAGS. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove GSEAL_ENABLE macro. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove *_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES macros. (Matthew Barnes)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-groupwise/3.3/evolution-groupwise-3.3.3.changes  (4.30K)


http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-groupwise/3.3/evolution-groupwise-3.3.3.tar.xz (401K)
  sha256sum: beebab245a9c254e1a4983b04039ccc479fde9fcfb63ef335aaadf0660123f46

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