clutter-gst 1.3.14

About Clutter-Gst

Clutter-Gst is a gstreamer based clutter actor implementing the
ClutterMedia interface. It provides video playback on a clutter
texture. The library can also be used for its cluttersink Gstreamer
element to build more complex pipelines.


List of changes since 1.3.12

  o Big split between the logic around playbin2 and the clutter-specific part
    to be able to reuse the GStreamer logic to implement new ClutterMedia

  o Add new API to get the list of audio and subtitles tracks

  o Fix the leak of GstBus in VideoTexture

  o Fix the key navigation events in the sink

Many thanks to:

    Lionel Landwerlin
    Bastian Winkler
    Dinh Bowman
    Thomas Wood

========  (389K)
  sha256sum: cbe042e33dc8561523c000799ce45315afa41ff95d55a0e86f8efc4b871e5dad (466K)
  sha256sum: aab908e9298ada2a10226deceba8a3f361b00e5c999ceea26b23050a12103e66

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