evolution-data-server 3.0.3

About evolution-data-server

Centralized access to appointments and contacts


Bug Fixes:
	Bug 576398 - vfolder not showing new messages from nntp group (Milan Crha)
	Bug 562912 - Unread vfolder marks unread messages as read (Milan Crha)
	Bug 652437 - NNTP messages is sometimes displayed as grey (Milan Crha)
	Bug 651693 - Decode QP encoded names when invoking 'Expand list Inline' (Ritesh Khadgaray)
	Bug 651469 - Folders don't update after moving mails in maildir (Milan Crha)
	Bug 656490 - imapx: Memory leak of stream tokenbuf (cherry picked from commit 51ebadee128158e7d73dc8e29fd6e67ae229b7a0) (David Woodhouse)
	Bug 656487 - Memory leak in imapx fetch_folders_for_namespaces() (David Woodhouse)
	Bug 656480 - Memory leak in camel_folder_search_search() (David Woodhouse)
	Bug 655748 - rdate parsing failure: unknown value for period 20068 (Milan Crha)
	Bug 653385 - ldaps fails with server using self-signed certificate (Milan Crha)
	Bug 648468 - POP3 doesn't recover or claim error after lost connection (Milan Crha)
	Bug 565961 - Crash with recurring all-day event (Milan Crha)
	Bug 640054 - sqlite summary hang. Fix vfolder transactions. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Bug 650950 - entry_compare() should iterate over attributes with the same name (Christophe Dumez)
	Bug 651113 - Querying date fields is not supported (Christophe Dumez)
	Bug 651054 - Support queries based on "photo" contact field (Christophe Dumez)
	Bug 651226 - e_book_new_system_addressbook() should create source in GConf (Christophe Dumez)
	Bug 650952 - Remove unknown EContact field name runtime warning (Christophe Dumez)
	Bug 640054 - CamelDB: do not read the db while a trasaction is in progress.  Fix the dead-lock caused due to transaction (DB WRITE_LOCK) 
	             and summary lock. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Bug 640083 - Force secured connection when using LDAPS port (Milan Crha)
	Bug 589495 - Search folder by Size (KB) counts bytes, not KB (Milan Crha)

Miscellaneous Fixes:
	Do not expose password in imapx log (Milan Crha)
	libecal: e_cal_remove_object() must remove *all* recurrences (Patrick Ohly)
	calendar file backend: fixed incomplete sanity check in e_cal_create_object() (Patrick Ohly)
	ecal file backend: avoid manipulating the UID inside component_add() (Patrick Ohly)
	Make e-{addressbook,calendar}-factory supersede old factory at startup. (David Woodhouse)
	Fix stray unref of server in imapx add_folders_to_summary() (David Woodhouse)
	CamelVeeFolder: Check for the presence of unmatched folder before accessing full_name, error in previous commit. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	e-data-cal-view.c: fixed cherry-pick mistake (Patrick Ohly)
	calendar: include rid in "objects-removed" ECalView signal (Patrick Ohly)
	calendar file backend: support remove with CALOBJ_MOD_ONLY_THIS (Patrick Ohly)
	calendar file backend: white list check for supported CalObjModType (Patrick Ohly)
	libecal: catch invalid CalObjModType values (Patrick Ohly)
	libecal: added CALOBJ_MOD_ONLY_THIS (Patrick Ohly)
	calendar file backend: support removing parent event with CALOBJ_MOD_THIS (Patrick Ohly)
	e_book_backend_file_get_contact_list: Fix memory leak (Christophe Dumez)
	e_contact_name_from_string(): Fix possible memory leak (Christophe Dumez)
	e_name_western_reorder_asshole: Fix possible memory leak (Christophe Dumez)
	e_dbhash_new: Close and reopen db handle to avoid memory leak (Christophe Dumez)
	e_book_backend_file_get_changes: Fix possible memory leak (Christophe Dumez)
	CamelDB: Initiate a transaction before writing into db. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	CamelDB: Ensure that begin_transaction is called before adding queries to a transaction (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	CamelFolderSummary: Remove undefined function camel_folder_summary_header_load from header file (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	CamelDB: Use camel_db_select while retrieving the folder version (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	CamelDB: use a RW lock to prevent reads while write is in progress (Chenthill Palanisamy)

	Wouter Bolsterlee (nl)
	Abduxukur Abdurixit (ug)
	Valencian translation  (ca)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.0/evolution-data-server-3.0.3.changes  (31.5K)


http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.0/evolution-data-server-3.0.3.tar.xz  (3.42M)
  sha256sum: c23cfb53cc6224fd61339b1d4bf8bde869149c808cf31c29529c0f2dd364c033

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.0/evolution-data-server-3.0.3.tar.bz2 (4.21M)
  sha256sum: 4710322b956f47a90c2c90ce69200873e369ad0eb78cf3f035eb7acb1341b32a

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