glib-networking 2.29.18

About glib-networking

glib-networking contains the implementations of certain GLib
networking features that cannot be implemented directly in GLib itself
because of their dependencies.

Currently it contains a GNUTLS-based implementation of GTlsBackend, a
libproxy-based implementation of GProxyResolver, and a GNOME
GProxyResolver that uses the proxy information from the GSettings
schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas.


  * gnutls: fixed two rehandshaking bugs; one in which a client
    would erroneously report an error after successfully rehandshaking
    (Igor Makarov, #653645), and one where initiating an asynchronous
    rehandshake on the server side would send illegal packets and
    cause the client to disconnect (Dan Winship).

  * gnutls: made GTlsDatabaseGnutls and GTlsFileDatabaseGnutls
    properly cancellable (Stef Walter)

  * gnutls: fixed the client-side session cache to not share session
    IDs between different virtual hosts on the same IP address, which
    caused problems with some servers. (Dan Winship, #581342)

  * tls: Fixed up the tls test program so it can be run from "make
    check" (Stef Walter)

  * New translations:

========  (287K)
  sha256sum: 87d77d9bf184398cd8b7f709e6de42f11b2badf9df1bd96a9ab69c0c8a0766f0 (354K)
  sha256sum: 03e37da820809a0037927b0b0ce6174749f2e6bdc340f47019a08df34b43a656

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