gnome-keyring 3.1.90

About gnome-keyring

Stores passwords and encryption keys.


 * Install better xdg-mime files for identifying crypto related file types
 * New gcr-viewer for viewing certificates and keys, hooked up to file types
 * Display tweaks for the certificate and key widgets
 * Don't initialize PKCS#11 modules automatically in gcr library unless needed.
 * Cleanup the libgck API since we're bumping the major version.
 * ABI fixes for the GCR library for changes in the 3.1.x release cycle
 * New automatic checks for symbols that have changed in the ABI
 * Add async PKCS#11 initialization functions to libgck
 * Display Certificate otherName subject-alt-name for xmppAddr and DNS SRV
 * Documentation, testing, translation and build fixes.

=========  (18.4K)

========  (1.48M)
  sha256sum: 044b9758d9a9e147a6fc3443a2e28731c129876eebe44855b17fe453489f28e3 (1.98M)
  sha256sum: 3515e0a6d72777d577dc2f5ad9e3826bac47afb2a7dc0ab981801517aa4a9c5b

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