folks 0.6.1

About Folks

Folks is a contact aggregation library. It retrieves contacts from
various sources (including Telepathy IM accounts, libsocialweb web
service contacts, and local contact stores) and compiles them into
fully-fledged people objects. The ultimate goal is to provide the
platform with easy access to all of the user's contacts.


Bugs fixed:
* Bug 656659 — Use vcards for postal addresses
* Bug 655374 — Un-break avatar tests
* Bug 657067 — Can't build EDS backend using Vala master
* Bug 657332 — Add linking link-individuals

=========  (18.8K)

========  (1.13M)
  sha256sum: c194c1feac58ed7f9870b08ef0658077967fe96d90eff02fad130237df10c9f4 (1.30M)
  sha256sum: 06d482464cb33aa2ffeb7b2e8fff3bedb58a216889b1b4929c8e16526978d27c

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