evolution-data-server 3.1.90

About evolution-data-server

Centralized access to appointments and contacts


Camel has a new class heirarchy for managing provider-specific settings
called CamelSettings.  Heavily utilizing GObject properties, this new API
replaces the prevous method of settings storage which stuffed values into
the CamelService URL string as "&key=value;..." pairs.

Details about the new API here:

Bug Fixes:
	Bug 562912 - Unread vfolder marks unread messages as read (Milan Crha)
	Bug 576398 - vfolder not showing new messages from nntp group
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 651469 - Folders don't update after moving mails in maildir
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 651693 - Decode QP encoded names when invoking 'Expand list Inline'
	             (Ritesh Khadgaray)
	Bug 651849 - Remove string from translation (Milan Crha)
	Bug 652437 - NNTP messages is sometimes displayed as grey (Milan Crha)
	Bug 652914 - IMAP: moving mail puts a copy into real Trash too
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 655121 - CalDAV: Can't reopen attachments saved on a server
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 655272 - IMAPX: Leaking file descriptors from open pipes
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 655833 — Mailing addresses for Google Contacts not saving if
	             PO Box… (Philip Withnall)
	Bug 655997 - Unneeded context specifiers (Milan Crha)
	Bug 656051 - Preserve mbox file attributes after rewrite (Milan Crha)
	Bug 657181 - Backends can be left half-opened when using ECal
	             (Milan Crha)

Other Changes:
	* CamelStore: Split subscription API into a separate interface.
	  (Matthew Barnes)
	* Camel: Remove unused CAMEL_STORE_ASYNC flag. (Matthew Barnes)
	* google: Add a missing NULL pointer check (Philip Withnall)
	* Do not keep Google progress notifications in book view forever
	  (Milan Crha)
	* google: Fix cancellation and progress reporting for cold-cache
	  queries (Philip Withnall)
	* google: Tidy up finish_operation() (Philip Withnall)
	* Don't use our own DISABLE_DEPRECATED macros in .c files.
	  (Matthew Barnes)
	* CamelService: Add a "display-name" property. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Camel: Add CAMEL_STORE_CAN_EDIT_FOLDERS flag. (Matthew Barnes)
	* google: Fix various data loss bugs with organisations/jobs
	  (Philip Withnall)
	* Incorrect message signature verification failure (Milan Crha)
	* Pretend successful read when skipping 3+ part of multipart/signed
	  (Milan Crha)
	* [IMAPX] Do not overwrite errors on reconnect (Milan Crha)
	* Remove more similar strings from translation (Milan Crha)
	* Avoid a crash in gdata_goa_authorizer_get_parameters().
	  (Matthew Barnes)
	* Add Google Talk field to the list of IM information
	  (Raul Gutierrez Segales)
	* Avoid use-after-free by unsetting open_finished flag sooner
	  (Milan Crha)
	* Use cached value in e_cal_client_get_default_object() (Milan Crha)
	* Check ic->status is not NULL imapx_command_select_done ()
	  (Raul Gutierrez Segales)
	* Add E_TYPE_CAL_CLIENT_SOURCE_TYPE macro. (Matthew Barnes)

	Alexander Shopov (bg)
	Mario Blättermann (de)
	Jorge González (es)
	Daniel Mustieles (es)
	Fran Dieguez (gl)
	Andika Triwidada (id)
	Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	Wouter Bolsterlee (nl)
	Yuri Myasoedov (ru)
	Мирослав Николић (sr)
	Daniel Nylander (sv)
	Abduxukur Abdurixit (ug)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.1/evolution-data-server-3.1.90.changes  (35.1K)


http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.1/evolution-data-server-3.1.90.tar.xz  (3.53M)
  sha256sum: 24c48a0f006c7ed94c08409bb6479ca6915b49ef4291430ca0c3476687d442f9

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.1/evolution-data-server-3.1.90.tar.bz2 (4.33M)
  sha256sum: 7d5f9e8133dbd167a0a6187cd9781b76ce747ad68d68f6ddddfe1e7db70c5b80

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