gnome-tweak-tool 3.1.0

About GNOME Tweak Tool

GNOME Tweak Tool is a tool which allows the adjustment of a number of
configuration settings that is felt would not be of interest to
ordinary users. This includes things like the fonts used in user
interface elements, alternative user interface themes, changes in
window management behaviour and others.


   * Change tweakgroup architecture, tweaks in different files can appear in the same
     categories now; move window border theme to interfaces
   * Tweaks can now override summary/description usually obtained from gconf/gsettings
   * Mark many strings as translatable.
   * Now appears as 'Advanced Settings' in GNOME shell search
   * Add a -v,--verbose option that prints changed settings
   * Add - -d,--debug option
   * Add Unity to OnlyShowIn

========  (187K)
  sha256sum: 24d9d728bc636cf23a8238980c55f7aad3a12a715d52b3db777c9d0fada793fc (205K)
  sha256sum: 22668bde9505add9ea5479d460c0ffd0cbcc5fe25c05522cfd2724a20ca80f8f

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