vala 0.13.2

About vala

Compiler for the GObject type system


 * Enable flow analysis for out parameters.
 * Refactor attribute handling.
 * Add gedit-3.0 bindings.
 * Add gtksourceview-3.0 bindings.
 * Add rest-0.7 bindings.
 * Add vte-2.90 bindings.
 * Switch clutter-1.0 bindings to .gir.
 * Switch libgdata bindings to .gir.
 * Switch libsoup bindings to .gir.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

=========  (16.5K)

========  (2.47M)
  sha256sum: 0b265e88b5dff68ab80dd08ed051f4da7e9a98c453a775765a95fade82d6d290 (3.04M)
  sha256sum: e6054c7d3cb4cfd592d76b17f4a12842d195c841c4d827c4d2a7d2ca701bbad9

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