gnome-themes-standard 3.1.5

About GNOME Standard Themes

Standard Themes for GNOME Applications


Improve WM theme for titlebars and buttons
Improve buttons, scales, sliders, progressbars for the dark theme
Use a new style for GtkComboBox widgets with entries
Fix combobox left/right padding
Improve GtkTreeView expander styling
Prelight the spinbutton arrows
Use the new gtk-focus-visible Gtk setting
Fix trough style class matching for custom widgets

=========  (11.7K)

========  (1022K)
  sha256sum: b91cb6f78b611710bbe21006880f637d53b1bfb97068ebd61fbe12173151c0c9 (1.17M)
  sha256sum: 370a61e3c3436951af3b9a460e6e4999baae8ed893049a7aa07a80f187ac11e9

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