pygobject 2.90.1

About PyGObject

GObject is a object system library used by GTK+ and GStreamer.

PyGObject provides a convenient wrapper for the GObject library for
use in Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details
such as managing memory and type casting. When combined with PyGTK,
PyORBit and gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured GNOME

Like the GObject library itself PyGObject is licensed under the GNU
LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary
applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging from
small single purpose scripts up to large full featured applications.


	- pass exta keywords to the Box constructor (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add (Tree|List)Store set method override (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add test for object arrays (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - only support C pointer arrays for structs and objects (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - revert Gtk.Window override because it causes issues with subclasses (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - take GIL in _pygi_invoke_closure_free (bug #647016) (Jonathan Matthew)
        - Add a default parameter to GtkTreeModel.filter_new (Johan Dahlin)
        - Add vbox/action_area properties (Johan Dahlin)
        - Add a couple of constructors (Johan Dahlin)
        - Do not always pass in user_data to callbacks. (Johan Dahlin)
        - Add a default detail value for Widget.render_icon (Johan Dahlin)
        - Add an override for Gdk.color_parse() (Johan Dahlin)
        - Support function calling with keyword arguments in invoke. (Laszlo Pandy)
        - remove references to deprecated GI_INFO_TYPE_ERROR_DOMAIN (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Fix gobject vs. gi.repository warning (Martin Pitt)
        - make GObject and GLib able to take overrides (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - avoid dependency issue by importing the internal gobject (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - fix tests to use the new GLib module (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - add DynamicGLibModule which works like DynamicGObjectModule (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - refactor, add objects and types to the correct internal module (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - rename the pyglib shared library so we don't load the old one (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - refactor tests to only use PyGObject 3 syntax (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - refactor the internal _glib module to import correct modules (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - refactor to use the new internal _glib and _gobject modules (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - refactor gi module to import and use internal _gobject module (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - move the static bits internal to gi and refactor build files (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - remove (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - introspection is no longer optional (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - up platform version to 3.0 (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi] Handle GVariants from callback return values (Martin Pitt)
        - Handle GVariants for callback arguments (Martin Pitt)
        - [gi] Fix crash: check return value of _invoke_state_init_from_callable_cache() before continuing. (Laszlo Pandy)
        - [gi] Pass gtype as first parameter to vfuncs (instead of using kwargs). (Laszlo Pandy)
        - remove codegen (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - remove some left over ifdefs to complete merge of the invoke-rewrite branch (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - rename pygi-invoke-ng to pygi-invoke (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - make invoke-ng the only invoker (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Merge branch 'master' into invoke-rewrite (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Merge branch 'master' into invoke-rewrite (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - split the marshalling routines into two source files (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Ship tests/te_ST@nouppera in release tarballs for tests to succeed (Martin Pitt)
        - [invoke] break out caller_allocates allocating into its own function (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [invoke] missed a bit when removing constructor_class usage (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [invoke] don't hold on to the constructor class, just add a TODO (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi] Port test_properties from static gio to GI Gio (Martin Pitt)
        - [python3] Fix maketrans import (Martin Pitt)
        - [caching] remove all inline compiler flags (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [caching] refactor function names to be less confusing (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [overrides] deprecate the use of type keyword MessageDialog constructor (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - gdbus tests: Fix hang if test case fails (Martin Pitt)
        - use an enum instead of booleans to denote function type (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - rename aux arguments to child arguments to make their purpose clearer (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Fixed the cairo example (Timo Vanwynsberghe)
        - Add override binding for Gtk.ListStore.prepend(). (Adam Dingle)
        - Fix crash in Gtk.TextIter overrides (Martin Pitt)
        - use gssize instead of int for arg indexes (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [cache] remove refrence to default value as it is not implemented yet (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Handle arguments that are flags correctly (Sebastian Pölsterl)
        - correctly initialize the _gi_cairo_functions array to be zero filled (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - correctly initialize the _gi_cairo_functions array to be zero filled (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - pass in the address of the gerror, not the gerror itself (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi] handle marshalling gerrors arguments for signals (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] fix NULL check to check before we access the cache struct (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-tests] add test for PyGObject->PyObject TreeModel storage (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gtk-overrides] special case TreeModel columns of PYGOBJECT types (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] copy structs when transfer is full for array (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gtk-override] print warning if user imports Gtk 2.0 (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gtk-overrides] allow the message_type keyword to be used for MessageDialogs (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Add support for enums in (Johan Dahlin)
        - Add support for enums in (Johan Dahlin)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] use g_slice for allocating GValues that are caller allocated (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] Convert Overflow errors to ValueErrors when marshalling integers (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] only cache caller allocates for interfaces as some API are broken (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] handle in pointer array marshalling (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Adding GPtrArray tests (Alex Eftimie)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] fix array element offset calculations (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi] don't clean up arguments that weren't yet processed during in arg failure (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-overrides] use new instead of init when constructing a GLib.VariantBuilder (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] actual code to import overrides (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] import pytypes so we get overrides (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] handle gvariants now that they are not foreign (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - [gi-invoke-ng] do not try to clean up NULL arguments (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Merge branch 'master' into invoke-rewrite (John (J5) Palmieri)
        - Merge branch 'master' into invoke-rewrite (John (J5) Palmieri)

=========  (39.4K)

========  (564K)
  sha256sum: c3876c8ed9be1b1f37675663a8891c800d5c326be55b4c5f902fd221e412a69b (671K)
  sha256sum: 322634bdc11978528668e3e64f8815f79034ef8f02014c1b8cb7312aa9910526

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