anjuta 3.1.5

About Anjuta IDE

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile software development studio featuring
a number of advanced programming facilities including project
management, application wizard, interactive debugger, source editor,
version control, GUI designer, profiler and many more tools. It
focuses on providing simple and usable user interface, yet powerful
for efficient development.


Officially brought to you about 20 000 km away from desktop-summit!

Bugs fixed:
654881 	Segmentation fault during project creation if no packages were selected
651151 	vala plugin crashes when uncommenting source
654502 	Allow building with libvala-0.14 (0.13 development tree)
655743 	Usage of GtkHBoxClass and GtkHBox
655998 	Main toolbar looks out-of-place
655584 	Can't edit Integer Field

Thanks to: Abderrahim Kitouni, Akom Chotiphantawanon, Alban Browaeys,
Alexander Shopov, Daniel Mustieles, Dominique Leuenberger, Mario Blättermann, 
Piotr Drąg, Sébastien Granjoux, Yuri Myasoedov

========  (5.08M)
  sha256sum: 93e836730272439d90905b6631dfa3a1b7493af89a464b2f419f4a43ef978995 (6.83M)
  sha256sum: e1e5927df81a7f072eaa44f21a4d48c7c052ba1c23a24ec1e4efc8173cbee189

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