gnome-menus 3.1.5

About Menu Library

Library for the Desktop Menu fd.o specification


This version of gnome-menus comes with a significant API and ABI break, to
modernize the code. As a result, the name of the library and the pkg-config
filename have changed, so that this new version is parallel-installable with
previous ones.

As of now, there is no guide to migrate to the new API, but it is rather
straight-forward as changes were mostly done to improve the experience for
introspection-based bindings. The examples shipped in util/ are a good basis.


	* Rebase internal representation of .desktop files on top of
	  GDesktopAppInfo (Colin Walters)
	* Make GMenuTree a GObject (Colin Walters)
	* Use GSlice for various data (Colin Walters)
	* Use thread-default main context for callbacks for future flexibility
	  for thread support (Colin Walters)
	* Many API changes, see new headers for changes. The most visible one
	  is that gmenu_tree_load_sync() should explicitly be used to load the
	  menu now. (Colin Walters, Vincent)
	* Drop support for "KDE Desktop Entry" group (Vincent)
	* Return GIcon instead of char * for icon-related API (Vincent)
	* Various fixes and cleanups to merge Colin's branch (Vincent, Colin
	* Add gmenu_tree_get_entry_by_id() API (Colin Walters)
	* Support XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP (Vincent)

  Menu Editor

	* Port to introspection-based bindings (Vincent)
	* Stop editing (Vincent)


	* Drop static python bindings; introspection-based ones should be used
	  now (Colin Walters)


	* Replace example of python code with javascript code (Colin Walters)
	* Change library name, header directory, pkg-config filename (Vincent)
	* Require glib 2.29.15 for new API (Vincent)


	* Ігар Грачышка (be)
	* Gil Forcada (ca@valencia)
	* Priscilla Mahlangu (zu)

=========  (22.8K)

========  (392K)
  sha256sum: 42ab71e688b956ce6096d5868ac3de73668db9f5a279f37a54bc2c53594fb51f (454K)
  sha256sum: 580b5ccb88a83894b891f844d2c48b8c211de1c3f7019eaea30f8d759971311a

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