caribou 0.3.5

About caribou

Text entry and UI navigation application


What's New
- Added modifiers support.
- Replaced IM module with GTK+ module so it does not override the
user's preferred IM.
- Added "full scale" keyboards to caribou.
- Remove emoticon buttons, for now.

New And Updated Translations
- Marek Černocký (cs)
- Daniel Mustieles (es)
- Gabriel Speckhahn (pt_BR)
- Yuri Myasoedov (ru)
- Matej Urbančič (sl)
- Yinghua Wang (zh_CN)

========  (327K)
  sha256sum: 729aa2e896a434490b9728911a1087013c829f7d41259684518e101abd90a9d4 (416K)
  sha256sum: d28c6585119f43799941363a05cdbbe3adfd1717e1f5a1e53b0573067d2d3dca

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