ghex 2.90.0

About GHex

GHex is a hex editor for the GNOME desktop.

GHex can load raw data from binary files and display them for editing
in the traditional hex editor view. The display is split in two
columns, with hexadecimal values in one column and the ASCII
representation in the other. A useful tool for working with raw data.


This is the first GHex release featuring GTK+ 3 support. For parallel
installability with the GTK+ 2 version, the shared library along with its
pkgconfig file and translation files were renamed. The application binary was
also renamed and is now called 'ghex'.

Changes for GNOME 3 support:
 - Port from poptOption to GOptionEntry (Javier Jardón)
 - Replace deprecated GTK+ symbols (Andre Klapper, Javier Jardón,
   Adrian Zgorzałek, Kalev Lember)
 - Remove libgnome and libgnomeui dependency (Javier Jardón, Andre Klapper)
 - Use Gio instead GnomeVfs (Daniel Macks)
 - Replace Gdk drawing with Cairo (Kalev Lember)
 - Port from BonoboUI to GtkUIManager (Kalev Lember)
 - Remove custom print widgets (Rafał Mużyło)
 - Port from libgnomeprint to GtkPrint (Rafał Mużyło)
 - Port to GTK+ 3 (Kalev Lember)
 - Rename the shared libray for parallel installability (Kalev Lember)

New Features and UI Improvements:
 - Improve About dialog (Javier Jardón)
 - Add relative offset jumping with + and - in 'Go to Byte' (Roy Spliet)
 - Use double buffering for drawing, reducing flicker (Kalev Lember)

Bug fixes:
 - Convert po files to UTF-8 (Andre Klapper)
 - Fix various compiler warnings (Andre Klapper, Martin Olsson, Tobias Mueller,
   Kalev Lember)
 - Fix xsltproc warnings (Rafał Mużyło)
 - Fix the order of LDADD (Rafał Mużyło)
 - Fix build with stricter linker on latest Fedora (Kalev Lember)
 - Fix gnome-doc-utils support (Javier Jardón)
 - Modernize autotools configuration (Javier Jardón)
 - Use upstream gettext instead the glib one (Javier Jardón)
 - Fix regression with close on save confirmation (Kalev Lember)
 - Avoid showing status message on an already destroyed window (Kalev Lember)
 - Update overview when deleting a character with the 'DEL' key (Kalev Lember)

Translation updates:
 - Basque (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)
 - Brazilian Portuguese (Mateus Zenaide)
 - British English (Philip Withnall, Jen Ockwell)
 - Catalan (David Espinosa)
 - Czech (Marek Černocký, Lucas Lommer, Petr Kovar)
 - Danish (Joe Hansen)
 - French (Bruno Brouard, Claude Paroz)
 - Galician (Fran Diéguez)
 - German (Mario Blättermann)
 - Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen, Balazs Ur)
 - Indonesian (Andika Triwidada)
 - Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)
 - Latvian (Rudolfs Mazurs)
 - Portuguese (Filipe Gomes)
 - Russian (Yuri Myasoedov)
 - Simplified Chinese (Aron Xu, Zhang Miao, du baodao)
 - Slovenian (Matej Urbančič)
 - Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
 - Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
 - Thai (Akom C, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

Bugs fixed:
  333819 "Help files out-of-date"
  445053 "Memory corruption when searching on x86_64"
  508563 "Migrate from libgnomeprint to gtk-print"
  547882 "menu entry name and tooltip are not accurate"
  548438 "Fields are not being updated when deleting a character"
  570688 "fix all compiler warnings given by normal makefiles and gcc 4.3.3"
  571892 "Crash in gtk_hex_new"
  584006 "Use gtk_show_uri instead of gnome_help"
  590995 "Remove libgnome(ui) usage"
  590996 "Remove Bonobo usage"
  597683 "Can't compile due to hex-document-ui.c:86: error: implicit
          declaration of function ‘raise_and_focus_widget’"
  597684 "Can't compile due to: preferences.c:514: error: implicit declaration
          of function ‘display_error_dialog’"
  597685 "Can't compile due to main.c:73: error: implicit declaration of
          function ‘ghex_init_configuration’"
  597687 "Can't compile due to print.c:226: error: implicit declaration of
          function ‘display_error_dialog’"
  597688 "Can't compile due to  ghex-window.c:160: error: implicit declaration
          of function ‘delete_advanced_find_dialog’"
  608275 "Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols"
  608284 "Use single GTK includes"
  609277 "A little automake/libtool problem"
  609548 "Bad application name in the licence"
  612693 "Does not compile with -DGSEAL_ENABLE"
  612885 "Make a release"
  630377 "[Patch] Add support for relative jumping"

========  (1.25M)
  sha256sum: 2edeedcf1973c221d2f5ea1397099fbfc054b60cf2ebff5cb1ca9e83fd6c4974 (1.42M)
  sha256sum: 9a73b05cedca2c4a4271de72666ce0df2cb6af87e2a844bda5c7fe7a7960909d

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