totem 3.1.4

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


* Add Grilo plugin
* Remove Coherence UPNP, Tracker and Jamendo plugins
* Add plugin to rotate videos

* Fix audio tracks not appearing with their language names
* Add keyboard shortcut for "Save"
* Remove sidebar drop-down item, and use menu items instead
* Fix translations of the nautilus properties window
* Subtitles plugin bug fixes

=========  (36.2K)

========  (2.99M)
  sha256sum: 46b9c1cf136de90ed649ca6ff636a63aa452c9724e137e983ba4e3250fa35749 (3.59M)
  sha256sum: 40d72e1b05c9094a904e21f7744d22ca0c5db68dcbefe64ac635ee9469470f52

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