gnome-shell-extensions 3.1.4

About GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell Extensions is a collection of extensions providing
additional and optional functionality to GNOME Shell. Most extensions
can be installed by configuring --prefix=$HOME/.local, and will be
picked automatically at next login.


* New extension: a menu for changing workspace (workspace-indicator)
* systemMonitor: lower the requirement on libgtop
* auto-move-windows: open overview when last window on
  last workspace is closed
* dock: implement autohiding, with various configurable
* alternate-tab: more configurable implementations available
* native-window-placement: don't rearrange the windows when
  the workspace switcher is shown/hidden
* update for gnome-shell 3.1.4 API changes

========  (106K)
  sha256sum: 81611a9f14676dae81b82d1ebefb055e42242cab51b8f753f3b7940a6f1b80d9 (116K)
  sha256sum: eac92d805a63991dfa1f0c9f4200ef918ae55d754cf8f99719e2272230afe81c

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