pygtk 2.24.0

       Module: pygtk
      Version: 2.24.0
  Uploaded by: John Stowers
 sha256sum: 6e3e54fa6e65a69ac60bd58cb2e60a57f3346ac52efe995f3d10b6c38c972fd8
      size: 3.08M
 sha256sum: cd1c1ea265bd63ff669e92a2d3c2a88eb26bcd9e5363e0f82c896e649f206912
      size: 2.25M

About PyGTK

Python bindings for Atk, Pango, Gtk and libglade


    - Many many documentation improvements and updates (Dieter Verfaillie)
    - Add --without-glade configure option. No change to current behaviour
    - Small fixes

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