libgdata 0.6.5

       Module: libgdata
      Version: 0.6.5
  Uploaded by: Philip Withnall
 sha256sum: ecd0017735a338c9e8f5d31495fded684b761d909829769b49d323fcbea0bbff
      size: 1.3M
 sha256sum: dcb82f7162d69549512444376da2cdea65650ee4dae4d00eed7fbbd3387ddf2c
      size: 1000K


Overview of changes from libgdata 0.6.4 to libgdata 0.6.5

Major changes:
* Fixed the introspection build with gobject-introspection >= 0.9.7 and bumped our dependency to match
* Added a lot of missing introspection annotations
* Fixed a few small leaks

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 630756 â?? 0.6.4 fails to build with newer version of gobject-introspection (git)

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