gnome-screensaver 2.30.1

       Module: gnome-screensaver
      Version: 2.30.1
  Uploaded by: Jason Clinton
 sha256sum: 1843415f6f25ab21f490dc35a93eadcb0eab899dab435a5e0471c2a09fbce89b
      size: 4.9M
 sha256sum: 5c311f6ec6e0fc6cc927c4abc1cecff7970407c06dd358000f1c9dad25fcefda
      size: 4.7M


Version  2.30.1

Non-maintainer release. Translation updates and fixes for systems that don't
support fading, properly grabbing input after wake from suspend, starting DBUS
if needed, and building without XF86VMODE.

Shortlog below:

Carles Ferrando (1):
      Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation

Chris Coulson (1):
      Don't crash on systems that don't support XF86VM or XRANDR gamma fade

Gil Forcada (1):
      Minor fix in Catalan translation

Ivar Smolin (1):
      Estonian translation updated

Jordi Serratosa (1):
      Fixes to Catalan translation

Manoj Kumar Giri (1):
      Updated Oriya Translation

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Bump version

Olav Vitters (1):
      Fix doap file

Ray Strode (1):
      Add session service activation file

Rudols Mazurs (1):
      Updated Latvian translation.

William Jon McCann (2):
      Properly handle monitor configuration changes
      Fix building without XF86VMODE gamma

Wouter Bolsterlee (3):
      Dutch translation updated by Wouter Bolsterlee
      Fix compiler warning by adding GTK_WIDGET() cast


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