pitivi 0.13.5

       Module: pitivi
      Version: 0.13.5
  Uploaded by: Edward Hervey

 sha256sum: f55f972455d4b5ff7e57e52aa09bc6105bca08a39c8c8ca721ead9688c272b4c
      size: 1.1M

 sha256sum: f3ea98f40941a6c8c85ab636baacc62514d1ffc2dda487c51cb019026677bf8d
      size: 716K


2010 September 16 - PiTiVi 0.13.5

 * periodic backup of the current project file
 * easy crossfading transitions of overlapping clips
 * better icons for link and group operations
 * new add keyframe button
 * fixed support for the missing plugins installer
 * improved support for pictures
 * various performance improvements (less conversions, faster linking)

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