dconf 0.5.1

       Module: dconf
      Version: 0.5.1
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz

 sha256sum: 8fbc7ba50997496e586144eaed1e85902040554884b520f961622d0bff5ea1dc
      size: 320K

 sha256sum: 0083d70e1b5e540d8d4b3f04fa5d17dff4c574136682fe3bdd9b5ecc196ec4f6
      size: 252K


Changes in dconf 0.5.1

 - Adjust to GDBus API changes
 - Send correct object path in Notify on WriteMany
 - Use printf() and exit() instead of g_error() to avoid too many crash
   reports for now
 - Require gobject-introspection 0.9.5
 - Require vala 0.9.5
 - Make dconf-editor optional
 - Drop libgee requirement for dconf-editor
 - Tweak shared library installation to make ldconfig happy
 - Bump .gir version to dconf-1.0
 - Fix introspection build with recent gobject-introspection
 - Minor bug fixes

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