gtkmm 2.90.7

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.90.7
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 2482a98812a26a088332d6a221583e8a1275ab018151053ae6675f0bc728e3cd
      size: 15M
 sha256sum: 96905020fb0bd504aeb49079f33153ae6872427ff6043b0806ec3ccda741bce9
      size: 12M


2.90.7 (unstable):

* Bitmap: Remove the constructors. This whole class may be removed soon,
* Color: Remove rgb_find_color().
* Cursor: Added get_cursor_type().
* Device:
  - Added get_key(), get_axis_use(), get_n_axes(),
	get_axis_value(), get_display(), get_associated_device(), get_device_type(),
	grab(), ungrab().
  - get_key(): Make this const.
* Display: Added device_is_grabbed(), get_device_state(),
	get_window_at_device_position(), warp_device(), set_device_hooks(),
* Added DeviceManager.
* Drawable: Removed draw_*() methods. We should use cairo now instead.
* Pixbuf:
  - Added constructor (and create) that takes a Cairo::Surface.
  - Removed constructors and create*() methods that took a Gdk::Image.
* Pixmap: Remove some constructors. This whole class may be removed soon.
* Removed RgbCmap.
* Window: Added set_device_cursor(), get_device_position(),
	get_device_events(), set_device_events(), get_support_multidevice(),
	set_support_multidevice(), get_composited(), is_input_only(), is_shaped(),
  has_native(), get_modal_hint(), get_background_pattern(),
  coords_to_parent(), coords_from_parent(),
  get_effective_parent(), get_effective_toplevel(), create_similar_surface(),
  get_accept_focus(), get_focus_on_map().
  (Murray Cumming)
* Gdk::Cairo: set_source_pixmap(): Added default parameter values
  for pixmap_x and pixmap_y.

* AboutDialog: Added get/set_license_type().
* Added Application, wrapping GtkApplication.
* Removed AnchorType enum.
* CellView: Added get_desired_width_of_row() and
* Dialog:
  - Remove get/set_has_separator() and property.
  - Constructors: Remove use_separator parameters.
* Expander: Added get/set_label_fill() and property.
* FileChooserButton: Remove the constructor that lets us set
  the backend.
* IconInfo: Added load_icon_symbolic().
* IconView: Rename get/set_orientation() (and property) to
* Image: Removed get_image() and set(Gdk::Image).
* Removed Item, replaced by use of MenuItem.
* MenuItem: Added unset_submenu().
* MenuShell: Removed items() and the MenuHelper namespace.
* MessageDialog: Removed the buttons property.
* Notebook:
  - Added get_tab_hborder() and get_tab_vborder().
  - Removed Notebook::pages().
* PaperSize: Added get_paper_sizes().
* ProgressBar:
  - Added get/set_inverted() and get/set_show_text().
  - Remove get/set_orientation(), deriving from Orientable instead.
* PrintOperation: Added run_page_setup_dialog() overloads
  with no PageSetup parameter.
* PrintUnixDialog: Added get_manual_capabilities().
* RadioAction: Added join_group().
* RecentManager: Removed get/set_limit() and the property.
  RecentChooser still has these.
* Added SizeRequest.
* StatusBar: Rename remove_all() to remove_all_messages().
* StatusIcon:  Removed get/set_blinking().
* Style:
  - Removed get*_gc() and paint_polygon().
  - Added copy().
* Table:
  - Removed children(). This used API in GTK+ that has been removed.
  - Added get_size().
* Viewport: Added get_view_window().
* Widget:
  -  Added device_is_shadowed(), set_device_events(),
  add_device_events(), set/get_support_multidevice(), get_device_event().
  - Added send_focus_change().
  - Added const version of get_accessible().
* Added WrapBox.
  (Murray Cumming)

* Windows build fixes.
  (Armin Burgmeier)
* API reference documentation improvements.
  (Murray Cumming)

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