nautilus 2.31.92

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.31.92
  Uploaded by: Cosimo Cecchi
 sha256sum: e8e4c71d92048fd0992ce787b3280259839da9f2441d40e41a27745c13521973
      size: 8.9M
 sha256sum: 8bbf08c9e9661ecedec7bf735cb6f700f330b4914bca811428022b20a46d0ef3
      size: 6.1M


Major changes in 2.31.92 are:
* String fixes for the file conflict dialog
* Add a border around infobars
* Fix a regression when copy/pasting in list view
* Re-use libunique instead of GApplication
* Drop GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED cflag, as we don't want to cope with
  recent GDK 2.22 deprecations for the 2.32 branch

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