gst-plugins-good 0.10.25

       Module: gst-plugins-good
      Version: 0.10.25
  Uploaded by: Tim-Philipp Müller
 sha256sum: 64e97c54cca02dd9c2305dfd074e323e6ae6f2ade2198a4210e34e332b934d52
      size: 4.2M
 sha256sum: b5d5750c12412c47d85ba9391c842f6f02cad9511876695e48b15fb37e4699f6
      size: 2.9M


This is GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.25, "Woe to You Oh Earth and Sea"

Changes since 0.10.24:

      * v4l2src: massive performance improvement in many cases
      * streaming mode fixes for avi and matroska/webm
      * seeking in matroska and webm files that don't have an index
      * new cpureport element for debugging
      * avidemux: improve VBR audio stream handling
      * avidemux: streaming mode fixes: use proper offset for movi-based index, handle 0-size data chunks
      * debugutils: new element cpureport, posts "cpu-report" element messages on bus
      * flacdec, rtspsrc, rtph264pay, rtpmp4vdepay: memory leak fixes
      * gconfvideosrc: use correct GConf key (ie. not the audiosrc key)
      * gdkpixbuf: remove gdkpixbuf3 plugin again, gdk-pixbuf was split out of gtk+ and will stay at 2.x
      * id3v2mux: write beats-per-minute tag using TBPM frame
      * jpegdec: fix markers parsing regression
      * matroskademux: do not error out on a block with unknown tracknumber
      * matroskademux: fix streaming in case where the size in bytes is unknown
      * matroskademux: handle bogus files storing ADTS AAC data
      * matroskademux: support seeking in local files even if they don't have an index
      * matroskamux: don't try to seek back and fix up headers if streamable=TRUE
      * pulsesink: fix race when creating multiple pulsesinks at the same time
      * qtdemux: also calculate PAR using track width and height for QT files
      * qtdemux: fix the max/avg in btrt atom reading
      * qtdemux: improve reverse playback
      * qtdemux: parse 64-bit version of mvhd atom as well instead of erroring out
      * qtdemux: prevent reading past avc1 atom when parsing
      * rtpg729pay: avoid basertppayload perfect-rtptime mode
      * rtph263pdepay: allow more clock-rates as input
      * rtpL16depay: also parse encoding-params for the number of channels
      * rtpL16depay: default to 1 channel if number of channels not specified
      * rtpmp4gpay: implement perfect timestamps
      * rtspsrc: add "port-range" property, useful for setups with firewall/ipsec
      * rtspsrc: don't reuse udp sockets (avoids odd errors when data from previous streams is received)
      * udpsrc: add "reuse" property to enable or disable port reuse (enabled by default, but disabled in rtspsrc)
      * v4l2: sort formats in the right order so that non-emulated formats are prefered
      * videobalance: fix wrong locking order that could lead to a deadlock
      * videomixer: only reset QoS information and send a NEWSEGMENT event downstream for NEWSEGMENT events on the master pad

Bugs fixed since 0.10.24:

      * 626463 : [matroskademux] " reading large block of size 14688496 not supported "
      * 593117 : [avidemux] Support AVF files
      * 618535 : [avidemux] fails to stream eva_2010_2.22_promo1.avi
      * 621520 : [id3v2mux] write beats-per-minute tag
      * 622017 : [GstRtpMP4GDepay] Packet payload was too short.
      * 622577 : rtspsrc has confusing error messages
      * 623209 : bug in rtpL16depay
      * 623357 : avidemux: push mode doesn't work for some http streaming avi files
      * 623629 : Reverse Playback Issue in QtDemux
      * 624173 : [qtdemux] qt file with dimension data in tkhd does not get pixel-aspect-ratio in caps
      * 624331 : videobalance: deadlocks/freezes when changing " brightness " property
      * 624455 : The matroska muxer seeks even when used with streamable=TRUE
      * 624770 : rtspsrc: memory leak in gst_rtspsrc_handle_request
      * 625002 : [examples] Don't use GdkDraw
      * 625153 : rtspsrc: add property to set client port range
      * 625302 : [qtdemux] Set the pixel-aspect-ratio field also for par=1/1
      * 625371 : [matroskademux] critical warnings when playing live webm with progressive download enabled
      * 625442 : pulsesink: crash -  pa_threaded_mainloop_stop is called from the pa thread
      * 625452 : [videomixer] Pipeline from the docs doesn't work anymore
      * 626467 : matroskademux: CRITICAL **: file matroska-demux.c: line 578 (gst_matroska_demux_get_length): should not be reached
      * 626609 : [qtdemux] segfault when parsing avc1 atom
      * 626619 : [imagefreeze] Incorrect seek behaviour
      * 627689 : [deinterlace] Broken timestamps
      * 617368 : [matroska] Implement push-mode seeking and non-cue seeking

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