Module: empathy
  Uploaded by: Guillaume Desmottes

 sha256sum: 53ed9d6b72850883cd1386553a04e63f98d12d775d91a244741df3d8e72e4e60
      size: 4.2M

 sha256sum: d9cbc976ebc0b6996e33a16631bdccf33296765897b2a8e959797a41263cbe35
      size: 2.7M


NEW in (02/09/2010)

The "Huggy Hippo" release.

A small release so our Ubuntu friends will be able to test latest fixes during
their Empathy bug day. See [1] if you want to participate.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20100902

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed #627916, Can't build with GTK3 any more (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #628106, Groups are not expanded when reconnecting (Philip Withnall)
 - Fixed #628315, Can't add video to a audio call (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #628421, Wrong AV icon in the contact list (Philip Withnall)
 - Fixed #628433, Call menu accessible from linking dialogue (Philip Withnall)
 - Fixed #628464, Crash in log_manager_got_chats_cb
 - Fixed #628481, Double contact tooltips (Philip Withnall)

 - Updated el Translation (Michael Kotsarinis)
 - Updated en_GB Translation (Philip Withnall)
 - Updated es Translation (Jorge González)
 - Updated et Translation (Mattias Põldaru)
 - Updated gl Translation (Fran Diéguez)
 - Updated hu Translation (Gabor Kelemen)
 - Updated pa Translation (A S Alam)
 - Updated sl Translation (Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)
 - Updated sr latin Translation (Branko KokanoviÄ?)
 - Updated sr Translation (Branko KokanoviÄ?)

Documentation translations:
 - Updated el Documentation translation (Simos Xenitellis, Michael Kotsarinis)

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