gnome-mag 0.16.3

       Module: gnome-mag
      Version: 0.16.3
  Uploaded by: Fernando Herrera de las Heras
 sha256sum: c6588a9f7ecf53797b616d66916f09d7088f61aede5d5574ab308413fc483a4b
      size: 688K
 sha256sum: 1ea1b1218ce621226b0397c4c548db29636ab663da7943440327e04345916d99
      size: 548K


What's new in gnome-mag-0.16.3:

* Fixes:
	Fix bug #630877 (Li Yuan)
	Fix build with gcc 4.4.3 adding explicity -lm

* Translations:
	Carles Ferrando (Catalan (Valencian)), Sahran (UG)

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