tracker 0.9.27

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.9.27
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 3c2890ebbda12c2991c772785b3c6fd54de0e8f54c37f98b0c7342714b9ae409
      size: 8.2M
 sha256sum: ff1c6377c12c5ac3659bde3becf5211b3a51d8a0596ead266a97458580041b53
      size: 6.8M


NEW in 0.9.27 - 2010-10-21

The changes are:

  * NEW feature: New journal format to separate ontology from data for improved data integrity
  * Fixes: NB#199131, Geotags are not displayed for the images
  * Fixes: NB#194908, Compilation albums (multiple albumArtist in the same Album) doesn't work properly
  * Fixes: NB#200310, BMP files should also be registered as nmm:Photo
  * Fixes: GB#633118, Read comments embedded in GIF files
  * Fixes: GB#633093, Use statvfs64() if available to check for free space
  * Fixes: GB#631391, MsOffice-XML content extraction doesn't work properly
  * build: Don't check for 'tar' command
  * functional-tests: Moved all IPC tests to ipc/
  * libtracker-common: Use per-client timeouts to avoid unnecessary wake ups
  * libtracker-client: Disable deprecation warnings when building this library
  * libtracker-data: Identify unsupported ontology change coping more broadly
  * libtracker-bus: Disable dbus timeouts in updates to the store
  * tracker-sparql: Added --list-indexes to show database indexes 
  * tracker-store: Use per-query watchdogs to avoid unnecessary wake ups
  * tracker-extract: Removed all tests, they've been commented out for some time
  * tracker-extract: GIF: Fixed memory leak for height and width
  * tracker-extract: GStreamer: Write multiple nmm:albumArtist if there are more than one
  * tracker-extract: MSOffice: Don't use a static var to check if nie:generator was already set
  * tracker-miner-fs: Removed all tests, test source file was just a main()
  * tracker-control: Fix runtime critical when journal file doesn't exist


  * de: Mario Blättermann
  * sl: Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?
  * fr: Bruno Brouard



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