folks 0.2.1

       Module: folks
      Version: 0.2.1
  Uploaded by: Travis Reitter
 sha256sum: 09a7dbbcf95ec398ab86985baebb7b0ad7fdc450ba1e2f22a6b1a3dd93461647
      size: 612K
 sha256sum: f8eeeb6a6974416d4db1ab6b18187173fb6ff4ec7830bece379dfba9b25f2a29
      size: 460K


Overview of changes from libfolks 0.2.0 to libfolks 0.2.1

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 629642 â?? individuals-changed emitted in the wrong order
* Bug 631864 â?? Crash when empathy disconnects
* Bug 632564 â?? assertion `EMPATHY_IS_CONTACT (contact)' failed in
* Bug 632163 â?? Folks key-file backend needs a way to point to a specific
  .ini file

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.17 to libfolks 0.2.0

Major changes:
* Fixed some linking problems
* Added some missing documentation
* Fixed build problems introduced by switching to gobject-introspection 0.9.6
  (i.e. GIR format 1.2)
* Bumped telepathy-glib dependency to 0.11.16
* Bumped Vala dependency to 0.10.0
* Bumped gobject-introspection dependency to 0.9.6
* Ensured IM addresses are normalised before being compared
* Made the folks-import build optional through a configure argument

API changes:
* Added IMable.normalise_im_address()

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 629452 â?? [Patch] Add missing gio linking for import-tool
* Bug 626008 â?? Add @since lines to all symbols
* Bug 629311 â?? Folks should normalize IDs written to the writable backend
* Bug 629644 â?? Key file backend cannot be loaded because of linking problems
* Bug 629666 â?? libfolks should not hard autodetect libxml

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.16 to libfolks 0.1.17

Major changes:
* Added a basic test suite
* Cleaned up the build system
* Ensured the public libraries' VAPI files are distributed and installed
* Prevented the key-file from being saved unnecessarily
* Fixed multi-byte character handling in the key-file backend
* Ensured account removal and invalidation is handled in the Telepathy backend
* Prevented a hang when creating relationships.ini in certain situations
* Added a folks-import tool to import meta-contact data from Pidgin; this adds
  a dependency on libxml

API changes:
* Added PersonaStore.flush()

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 628930 â?? folks crahses empathy on relationships.ini read
* Bug 629082 â?? Empathy crashes when toggling "Ignore SSL certificate errors"
* Bug 628853 â?? hangs if there's no relationships.ini file
* Bug 629084 â?? Add a folks-import tool

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.15 to libfolks 0.1.16

Major changes:
* Added more debugging output
* Fixed various small outputted code bugs
* Fixed problem where key file groups would be overwritten in some situations
* Fixed various signal emission problems
* Prevented changes to Personas' properties from being propagated back up to the
* Limited libgee dependency to < 0.7 due to API changes in libgee
* Added a FOLKS_DISABLE_LINKING environment variable to disable linking (for
  debugging purposes)

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 628108 â?? Favorite contacts are not save any more
* Bug 628294 â?? Some contacts appear to be linked together while they shouldn't
* Bug 628305 â?? Signal removal of Individuals containing untrusted Personas
* Bug 628131 â?? error message when trying to link ICQ with jabber
* Bug 628343 â?? Add an environment variable to disable linking

Overview of changes from libfolks to libfolks 0.1.15

Major changes:
* Fixed various build problems
* Ensured duplicate entries don't appear in various sets
* Made gobject-introspection dependency explicit
* Limited libgee dependency to <= 0.5.2 due to API changes in libgee
* Reworked some of the Individual internals to make notifications more efficient
* Added the concept of an Individual's â??trust levelâ??
* Changed alias fallbacks to fall back to a display ID instead of a UID
* Added support for storing aliases in the key-file backend and use them in
  preference to aliases from other Personas in an Individual

API changes:
* Added Individual:personas-changed
* Added TrustLevel enum
* Added Individual::trust-level
* Implemented Alias on Kf.Persona

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 627314 â?? folks cannot be install in gentoo sandbox
* Bug 627506 â?? Require gobject-introspection
* Bug 626725 â?? Add an Individual.personas_changed signal
* Bug 627968 â?? Add Individual.trust_level property
* Bug 626578 â?? Use vala's vala.m4 to check for telepathy-glib(.vapi)
* Bug 626410 â?? contacts show up with a weird alias
* Bug 627508 â?? Store alias and groups in the key-file backend
* Bug 627898 â?? Fails to install with -j4

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.14 to libfolks

Major changes:
* Bumped Vala dependency to 0.9.6
* Fixed some more warning spew

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.13 to libfolks 0.1.14

Major changes:
* Changed Vala detection code to use the correct macro
* Bumped Vala dependency to 0.9.5
* Removed some more message spew
* Changed tp-lowlevel Vala bindings to be generated using gobject-introspection
* Added optional dependency on gobject-introspection 0.6.7

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.12 to libfolks 0.1.13

Major changes:
* Added the concept of â??linkable propertiesâ??
* Added the IMable interface
* Added the concept of persona store â??trustâ??
* Added a writeable key-file backend
* Added linking support to the IndividualAggregator
* Tidied up ID handling in the backends
* Warn if a backend's MIME type could not be determined, notifying the user if
  libfolks can't load backends due to shared-mime-info not being installed
* Hint to clients the Individual replacing a removed Individual (if any)
* Exposed Telepathy contacts' IM addresses using the IMable interface
* Fixed some build and dependency issues
* Bumped telepathy-glib dependency to 0.11.11 and dropped dependency on
* Added the concept of â??writeableâ?? PersonaStores and use this concept to prevent
  properties being synchronised between PersonaStores unnecessarily (and
  potentially even destructively)

API changes:
* Added Persona::linkable-properties
* Added IMable interface
* Added PersonaStoreTrust enum
* Added PersonaStore::trust-level
* Added Persona.LinkablePropertyCallback()
* Added Persona.linkable_property_to_links()
* Added Persona.build_uid()
* Added Persona.split_uid()
* Added Persona::display-id
* Added PersonaStore::display-name
* Added replacement_individual parameter to Individual:removed
* Implemented IMable on Tpf.Persona
* Added IndividualAggregatorError.NO_WRITEABLE_STORE
* Added IndividualAggregator.link_personas()
* Added IndividualAggregator.unlink_individual()
* Added PersonaStore::is-writeable

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 625830 â?? Adding an existing contact to the tp backend results in bogus
* Bug 626108 â?? Defining XDG_DATA_DIRS prevents backends from being loaded

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.11 to libfolks 0.1.12

Major changes:
* Added debug flags support using the FOLKS_DEBUG environment variable
* Removed various bits of message and warning spew
* Bumped Vala dependency to 0.9.4
* Ensured connections which are ready as soon as they're connected are handled
* Versioned the installed backends using the main library's libtool version

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 625815 â?? No contat showed in the contact list

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.10 to libfolks 0.1.11

Major changes:
* Moved various bits of preparation code out into async prepare() methods to
  avoid race conditions on startup
* Reset TpfPersonaStore state when going offline
* Made several methods async which could potentially require it in future
* Added error throws to various functions which could potentially fail in future

API changes:
* Added PersonaStore.prepare()
* Added Backend.prepare()
* Removed error thrown from Backend constructor
* Added IndividualAggregator.prepare()
* Changed return type of Presence.is_online() from uint to int
* Made IndividualAggregator.remove_individual() async
* Made PersonaStore.remove_persona() async
* Added an error throw to BackendStore.load_backends()
* Added an error throw to IndividualAggregator.prepare()
* Added an error throw to IndividualAggregator.remove_individual()
* Added an error throw to IndividualAggregator.remove_persona()
* Added an error throw to PersonaStore.remove_persona()
* Made Groups.change_group() async
* Made Groups:group-changed async

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.1.9 to libfolks 0.1.10

Major changes:
* Fixed various memory and reference leaks
* Lots of build system improvements
* Added a libtool version to the installed libraries

Initial release of libfolks 0.1.9

Major changes:
* Move to GNOME infrastructure

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