tomboy 1.4.2

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 1.4.2
  Uploaded by: Sanford Armstrong
 sha256sum: b7b6d143935574bd680a718c61a7a000b4e31e195931e4b02522208dc5cb60df
      size: 8.0M
 sha256sum: 823270473c819d6592074a0dcd41c29fd857b29a0318061aaabfa38fff3cc7e7
      size: 6.8M


Version 1.4.2
* Fix potential sync dataloss bug for former Gnote users (#632535)
* Documentation fixes (#623633, Claude Paroz and Paul Cutler)
* Translation updates: es, hu, ja, ko, ro

Version 1.4.1
* Fix windows crash when libproxy not available (#624885, Jeff V Stein)
* Translation updates: ca, de, es, eu, fr

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