goocanvas 1.90.1

       Module: goocanvas
      Version: 1.90.1
  Uploaded by: Damon Chaplin
 sha256sum: 1f0ca024279d06444157c69a48cec5de43e55e18693f253756c54fd6fe5a1ca3
      size: 752K
 sha256sum: 89cd4186079dfe917ea3c5296c0380cce9ad5b8cf670b3fe5b8a69143b6b284f
      size: 564K


2010-10-24  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* Released GooCanvas 1.90.1

2010-10-24  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* src/goocanvas.c: updated the drawing code to work with GTK+ 3.
	It seems to work now, but it still flickers when zooming in & out,
	since we can't use our old trick of mapping a temporary window with
	no background over it while changing the scale.

2010-10-01  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* demo/*.c
	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_draw): applied patch from Murray to
	compile with latest GTK+, with minor changes.
	Note that drawing doesn't work properly at present.

2010-09-02  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	Fix build with latest GTK+, which has no GdkGC.

	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_expose_event): When clearing the background,
  use gdk_cairo_set_source_color() and GtkWidget::base instead of
  gdk_draw_rectangle() and GtkWidget::base_gc. Thanks to Benjamin Otte for
  this code.

2010-07-27  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_adjustment_value_changed): fixed call
	to redraw_static_items_at_position() - was using hadjustment twice.

2010-07-25  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_configure_hadjustment)
	(goo_canvas_configure_vadjustment): freeze updates until finished,
	and fixed bug setting hadjustment page size.
	(goo_canvas_focus_in, goo_canvas_focus_out): removed grab_focus()
	calls that replaced "GTK_WIDGET_SET/UNSET_FLAGS (widget, GTK_HAS_FOCUS)"
	I don't think the macros should have been there anyway.

	* src/goocanvasatk.c (goo_canvas_item_accessible_get_extents): tidied
	up a little - get canvas window once and reuse.

2010-07-25  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	Fix the build with the latest GTK+ 3.0 API.

	* demo/demo-focus.c (create_focus_page):
	* demo/demo-grabs.c (on_widget_expose), (on_widget_button_press):
	* demo/demo-large-items.c (zoom_changed):
	* demo/demo.c (zoom_changed), (zoom_x_changed), (zoom_y_changed),
	* demo/mv-demo-focus.c (create_focus_page):
	* demo/mv-demo-grabs.c (on_widget_expose),
	* demo/mv-demo.c (zoom_changed), (anchor_toggled):
	* demo/units-demo.c (zoom_changed):
	* demo/widgets-demo.c (main):
	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_init), (goo_canvas_realize),
	(goo_canvas_map), (goo_canvas_style_set),
	(goo_canvas_configure_vadjustment), (reconfigure_canvas),
	(goo_canvas_size_allocate), (goo_canvas_adjustment_value_changed),
	(goo_canvas_scroll_to), (goo_canvas_scroll_to_item),
	(goo_canvas_set_scale_internal), (paint_static_items),
	(goo_canvas_expose_event), (goo_canvas_scroll),
	(goo_canvas_focus_in), (goo_canvas_focus_out),
	(goo_canvas_get_start_bounds), (goo_canvas_focus):
	* src/goocanvasatk.c (goo_canvas_item_accessible_get_item_extents),
	(goo_canvas_accessible_ref_child): Replace use of direct struct field access
	in GtkWidget, GtkWindow, and GtkAdjustment, with use of the new get/set
	functions, to fix the build with the latest GTK+ 3.0 API.

2010-06-30  Damon Chaplin  <damon gnome org>

	* docs: added empty internal subset "[]" to the DOCTYPEs to keep
	gtk-doc happy.

	* src/goocanvas.c (goo_canvas_expose_event): do a cairo_save()/restore()
	around painting the main items, so the static items don't get clipped.

	* src/goocanvasitemsimple.c (goo_canvas_item_simple_set_property):
	handle setting "clip-path" to NULL to reset it.

	* src/goocanvastable.c: try to handle RTL direction better.

	* src/goocanvasgroup.c (goo_canvas_group_paint): use the scale
	argument rather than the canvas scale.

	* src/goocanvas.c: added "before-initial-expose" flag which we use
	to ignore any redraw requests before the initial expose (since we
	know the entire canvas needs redrawing anyway). This speeds up the
	creation of lots of items, e.g. scalability-demo.

	* demo/ (mv_demo_LDADD, demo_LDADD): added -lm to compile.

	* demo/mv-scalability-demo.c:
	* demo/scalability-demo.c: updated to compare with the new-api code.

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