gtkmm 2.91.1

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.91.1
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 81d70fc43a2b34e97230c1e2fd20909a00a5e7a0fbb64b8c2d97d03e15fe9ead
      size: 14M
 sha256sum: 070fd59781b62cfd3b104cbf52ef35ce3fb426ff93e1dd853f74d8e38ad1e3cb
      size: 6.5M


2.91.1 (unstable):

* Remove ComboBoxEntry and ComboBoxEntryText.
* ComboBox:
  - Add a has_entry bool to the constructors, replacing use of GtkComboBoxEntry.
  - Added set_entry_text_column(), get_entry() and get_entry_text(),
  - Added set_popup_fixed_width()
* ComboBoxText: Re-implemented with GtkComboBoxText.
  As a bonus this means that insert_text() will now work, and we can now
  define this widget and its data items in Glade.
* Main: Remove signal_run() and signal_quit().
* RadioButton: Added join_group().
* StatusBar: Remove get/set_has_resize_grip().
* Window: Added get/set_has_resize_grip(), get_resize_grip_is_visible(), get_resize_grip_area().
* Remove WrapBox.

2.91.0 (unstable):

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