java-atk-wrapper 0.30.2

       Module: java-atk-wrapper
      Version: 0.30.2
  Uploaded by: Ke Wang
 sha256sum: 834c816003b94b58af9134fc0a5706cb325a714310c00e4d80750881160d571c
      size: 368K
 sha256sum: c0eac09468734876cd2918dc667a78c3734ebf70090f5fe1d11a9b8c7d5719f3
      size: 272K


Java ATK Wrapper version 0.30.2
Important changes:
	* Portability fixes for libatk-wrapper
	* Use AT_SPI_IOR and AT_SPI_BUS instead of GConf key to check enablement of accessibility


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