tracker 0.9.25

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.9.25
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 8152faf5347a71807a04b71c1a46e2f1a6eee1ce365f3eca6cf25f231bd9d588
      size: 8.4M
 sha256sum: f2e195998327f9ee2d7b6d4504827f3bfa4cd6bda6a1e44bcb09a8296c16c65d
      size: 7.0M


NEW in 0.9.25 - 2010-10-14

The changes are:

  * NEW feature: New API methods in libtracker-sparql which allow multiple inserts per DBus call (and yet get multiple errors back).
  * Fixes: NB#186096, X-MeeGo-logical-id not extracted from application .desktop files
  * Ontology: NMM: Set maximum cardinality of dlnaProfile and uPnPShared to 1
  * Ontology: NCO: Set tracker:notify for nco:ContactGroup.
  * SPARQL: Fix build with Vala < 0.11
  * SPARQL: Fix context handling for EXISTS and NOT EXISTS
  * SPARQL: Do not use pointers as keys in hash tables
  * SPARQL: Do not let SPARQL variable names influence SQL query
  * libtracker-sparql: Use lazy resolving for symbols in plugins
  * libtracker-sparql: Added missing APIs to documentation sections file
  * libtracker-sparql: Make new example for_update_array a bit more aesthetic
  * libtracker-sparql: Documented the new API methods for multi-insert
  * libtracker-data: Progress handling while performing integrity check
  * libtracker-data: Do not load superproperties on read-only access
  * libtracker-data: Avoid opening SQLite database twice on startup
  * libtracker-data: Force reindex on unsupported ontology change
  * libtracker-data: Fixed test cases on Fedora 14
  * tracker-store: Fixed status reporting
  * tracker-extract: Replace quill with quillimagefilter
  * tracker-extract: Use posix_fadvise() when closing files
  * tracker-extract: gupnp-dlna: Fix to use the tracker_sparql_escape_uri_printf()
  * functional-tests: Tests for tracker:indexed property
  * functional-tests: Tests for enable/disable notifications
  * functional-tests: Tests for cardinality changes in the ontology
  * functional-tests: Tests for first ontology-changes support
  * functional-tests: Added closing slash in aegis manifest file generator
  * functional-tests: Recovered tracker_store_remove_dbs() method. Needed for a backup test.
  * functional-tests: Fixed extraction expectations for GIF with XMP
  * functional-tests: Set PNG writeback test as expected failure until itxt is enabled in libpng (NB#185070)
  * functional-tests: Reliable start/stop of the store. Updated Backup/Journal tests
  * functional-tests: Logs improved.
  * functional-tests: Allow to change the ontologies directory in the system abstraction
  * functional-tests: Ignore Common* and *Template test classes in tests.xml
  * functional-tests: Added performance test for multi-insert
  * functional-tests: Ignore tracker-tests.aegis file generated during tests
  * coverage: Ignore coverage/ directory
  * utils: mtp-dummy: Implemented renaming of all files after batch copy finishes





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