gnome-sharp 2.24.2

       Module: gnome-sharp
      Version: 2.24.2
  Uploaded by: Mike Kestner
 sha256sum: 350f0c7def72b11602dcc4c3eef1818767191286e5054e60bda6887d91ffb042
      size: 544K
 sha256sum: 122b1e03966d63ec3389decf5440fb94285907d1b6be48352dcf6aca292cf7b0
      size: 416K


2010-05-11  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* work around removal of Mono.GetOptions.dll
	in mono trunk (2.8).

2009-03-16  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* Makefile.include: parallel make fix.
	* gconf/GConf/ parallel make fix.
	* gconf/GConf.PropertyEditors/ parallel make fix.
	Patch from Peter Alfredsen.  [Fixes #483251]

2009-03-03  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* bootstrap-2.24: bump version to 2.24.1 and tag.

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