murrine 0.98.1

       Module: murrine
      Version: 0.98.1
  Uploaded by: Andrea Cimitan
 sha256sum: ef4e0cb7647bfda9fbb2fb5a5948930033363a75ff21a958e3f1776ace597c44
      size: 392K
 sha256sum: 37f4f2d723ce6a03dc1654a142e2477b8d3d23ebb5d7af2f2c85ae72f53d87ae
      size: 300K


Overview of Changes in 0.98.1 (since 0.98.0)
Changes in this release:
- Murrine is now dual-licensed LGPLv2.1 and LGPLv3.

Bugfixes in this release:
- Now checks for pixman:

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