ekiga 3.2.7

       Module: ekiga
      Version: 3.2.7
  Uploaded by: Eugen Dedu

 sha256sum: 43532c74763e4ba48b36b52a8a601c48bc7f49ba73519b1ec6dec9ee27abf9f4
      size: 11M

 sha256sum: f25a1309b68eafe69f0d7aed461bc9a8196939060543d09bd2f19e0bb1e3fd8f
      size: 8.7M


* Changes in ekiga 3.2.7 (2010-05-29)
** User-visible fixes
- Use NAT ports instead of local ports for RTP, fixing many connection issues
- Add workaround for "In some cases ekiga answers always Busy Here"
- Fix crash in the avahi code
- Set the default audio and video devices
- Fix Call buttons do not work
- Add bpp16 (RGB16) support
- Add partial support for IPv6
- Fix number of users found on ekiga.net LDAP directory
- Fix connection type setting in assistant
- Use a decent connection type by default (DSL 128kb/s uplink)
- Check off iLBC, CELT32, CELT48 and G722 audio codecs by default
- Fix possible crash when PTLib code accessed by thread not created by PTlib
- Fix issue when deleting a safe object
- Fix possible NULL pointer access if get multiple NOTIFY messages on a REFER

** Protocol fixes
- Fix strange issue with SIP call diversion (302 response) to the same endpoint
- Change to only unregister those contact addresses we successfully registered
- Fix incorrect change to AlertingPhase in H323
- Change authentication failure to be fatal and SIP handler removed
- Fix double authorisation failure leaving SIP handler in the wrong state
- Fix SIP REFER completion on receiving NOTIFY with id parameter
- Fix authentication issue when can get to SIP server via two interfaces
- Fix address translation of REGISTER contact fields when STUN is not used
- Fix locating correct authorisation credentials for INVITE
- Fix correct test handling RFC3261/ merged requests and other
  "multi-path" received INVITE requests
- other minor fixes

** Build fixes
- Fix gdu (gnome-doc-utils) configure option
- Replace deprecated functions in gtk >= 2.18
- Fix build with binutils-gold
- other minor build fixes

** Windows port fixes
- Fix major bug where the uninstaller could remove non-Ekiga files
- Fix starting Ekiga from last page of installer
- Fix language selection during installation
- Update version of dependent libraries
- Allow to create executable from release or from git/svn
- Add Dutch and Romanian translations of Windows installer
- Add all help localisation files to the installer
- Fix compilation error on std::freopen on newer gcc
- other build fixes

** Distributor-visible changes

** Translation fixes
- Updated translations: bn_IN, eu, gu, kn
- New translations: ast
- Updated help translations:

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