yelp-xsl 2.31.2

       Module: yelp-xsl
      Version: 2.31.2
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
 sha256sum: 4d3203087cf7ec9ce12842a28767db4f047ab59ebd773480c83df53df5b29481
      size: 1.1M
 sha256sum: 1918b39c67ad9948ab53499d6d86e0b307de964740452219baf25138a6d914c5
      size: 604K


Changes in 2.31.1
* Added support for DocBook 5 (Brian M. Carlson)
* New common HTML output stylesheets (Shaun McCance)
* Removed numbering and labeling for DocBook (Shaun McCance)
* Better behavior for links to invalid targets (Shaun McCance)

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