Module: anjuta
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
 sha256sum: 17f168b7f4eba32f635e46145b278e1e4d7def801112d48333ae10feee505ee2
      size: 11M
 sha256sum: 9af17a3c1dcbc68ce244a276907cb3b141d12c1df89ae2419d46e88b6a06f82d
      size: 7.7M


Anjuta 2.31.2 "There are no ugly girls, just lazy ones" (25 May 2010) -- Johannes Schmid

- class-inheritance is included using libfoocanvas

Bugs fixed:
file-wizard: #616810 Error when creating new c source and header
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#618314  - Anjuta crash on while editing
symbol-db: Fixes #bgo 617433 Tab switching is slow because of rescanned symbols
symbol-db: Partially fixes bgo #615429: Optimize global and local views sql queries
libanjuta: Completes fixing bgo #615428: new column is_container

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